Red soil (Erra matti)

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RED SAND Erra matti

Red soil is also called as (erra matti and laal mittee) perfect for enhancing gardens and landscaping. Our red soil is good and excellent nutrient retention, optimal drainage, and improved aeration. With a balanced pH level, it’s the ideal choice for healthy plant growth. its also eco friendly gardening and landscaping projects with our premium red soil. along with we also provide M sand , Refined sand , river sand and aggregates

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Our high-quality red soil (Erra matti) is an essential resource for a wide range of landscaping and gardening projects. It is well-suited for improving the fertility and texture of your soil, making it perfect for flowerbeds, gardens, and lawns. The rich red hue not only adds visual appeal to your landscaping but also provides the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Nutrient Retention: It has excellent nutrient-holding capacity, ensuring your plants receive the essential elements they need for healthy growth.
  • Optimal Drainage: Its well-balanced composition promotes proper drainage, preventing waterlogged roots.
  • Improved Aeration: Red soil (Erra matti) enhances soil structure, promoting root aeration for healthier plant.


  1. Red soil supports agricultural activities, fostering the growth of crops with its favorable drainage properties.
  2. In construction, red soil is employed for brick-making, benefiting from its suitable composition and color.
  3. The distinct red soil is used in landscaping to enhance aesthetic appeal and support plant growth.


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