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Comparison of Construction Materials

River Sand

M Sand

Red Soil

Engineering Sand

Robo Sand Dust

Source Naturally occurring from river beds. Manufactured through crushing rocks and stones. Soil type found naturally. Specially engineered for construction purposes. Manufactured sand with a finer, dust-like particle size.
Particle Size Varies in size and shape. Uniform and consistent particle size. Varies based on soil composition. Controlled particle size suitable for construction. Fine and dust-like particle size for a smoother finish.
Usage Traditional choice for construction. Widely used as an alternative to river sand. Used in agriculture, construction, and landscaping. Engineered for specific construction applications. Specialized for detailed construction work and projects requiring a finer, dustier texture.
Strength Provides good strength to constructions. Offers good strength characteristics. Not typically used for structural purposes. Tailored for optimal strength in construction projects. Used for specialized applications requiring precision.
Environmental Impact Associated with environmental concerns due to extraction. Considered more environmentally friendly as it reduces reliance on river sand. Naturally occurring, but mining can impact the environment. Manufacturing process may have environmental considerations. A specialized construction material with controlled manufacturing processes.
Application Areas General construction purposes. Various construction applications. Agriculture, construction, and landscaping. Specifically engineered for construction use. Ideal for detailed construction work and certain concrete mixes.