Non refined sand

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Non Refined river sand is a key construction material primarily used for reinforcing slabs. It’s essential for mixing high-strength concrete to ensure the durability of your slabs. Our river sand, sourced from Kaleshwaram, is pure and offers the best price in Hyderabad, with free delivery. Along with Non Refined river also provide Refined River Sand  M sand and Red soil in Hyderabad for your diverse construction needs.

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Our high-quality non refined sand sourced from Kaleshwaram is an essential resource for a wide range of landscaping and gardening projects. It is well-suited for improving the fertility and texture of your soil, making it perfect for flowerbeds, gardens, and lawns. The rich red hue not only adds visual appeal to your landscaping but also provides the following benefits:

The key application of Non-Refined river sand is in slab construction. It is primarily used to:

  1. Strengthen Slabs: Non-Refined river sand is crucial in creating high-strength concrete for slabs, ensuring their durability and load-bearing capacity.

This type of sand is tailored for slab work, where the quality of the concrete mixture is essential to support the weight and requirements of the structure.

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