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No of Bricks Required

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No of bricks required in India

Accurate estimation of bricks is pivotal in house construction in India  and plays major role in construction cost . Recognizing brick types like Modular and Conventional, with dimensions such as 230mm x 110mm x 75mm, is foundational. For a standard 4″ brick wall, the thumb rule suggests 55 bricks per square meter, factoring in a 10% wastage allowance. Opting for a robust 9″ double-layer wall doubles the requirement to 110 bricks per square meter, ensuring structural integrity. This straightforward rule simplifies planning, aiding homeowners and builders in precise brick calculations for successful house construction.

Types of Bricks & Brick Dimensions 

Type of Bricks Dimensions in mm Dimensions in inches
Modular/Metric Bricks 190mm x 90mm x 90mm 7.48in x 3.54in x 3.54in
Non-Modular Bricks 230mm x 110mm x 70mm 9in x 4.33in x 2.75in
Conventional Bricks 230mm x 110mm x 110mm 9in x 4.33in x 4.33in
English Size Bricks 230mm x 115mm x 75mm 9in x 4.5in x 3in

How many Bricks Required per 1 square feet 

no of bricks required for 1 sqft
1 sqft = 144 inch 
1brick areas is 32 sq inch,

so no of bricks required for 1 square feet for 4.5 inch wall is 144/32inch = 4.5 bricks 
no of bricks required for 1 square feet for 9inch wall is 9-10 bricks

How Many bricks required per 1 cft ?

Anatomy of Brick wall

4.5 inch Brick wall calculator

number of bricks per square meter 

Size: 230mm x 110mm x 75mm (0.230×0.110×0.075 m)
Mortar Thickness: 10 to 15mm (0.01m)
By adding the thickness of the mortar

Length of Bricks in mm (L) = 230mm + 10mm = 240mm – 0.240m

Width of Bricks in mm (W) = 110mm + 10mm = 120mm – 0.110

Thickness of Bricks in meter (T) =75 mm + 10mm = 85mm - 0.085m

anatomy of brick wall no of bricks required inindia


 Length (L): 240mm – 0.240mWidth (W): 120mm - 0.120m
Thickness (T): 85mm - 0.085m
Area of Each Brick: 0.0204 sqm
No. of bricks in 1 square meter: 50 bricks
Consider 10 % as brick wastage

Number of bricks per square meter for 4.5 inch wall  = 50 + 5 = 55nos/sqm

9inch Brick Wall or Double Layer

No. of bricks in 1 square meter for 4.5inch wall: 55
No. of bricks in 1 square meter for 9inch wall: 110 (twice the thickness of 4.5inch wall)

Application of Thumb Rule

Given: 4.5inch brick wall size = 3m x 3m
No. of bricks in 4.5inch wall of 9m2: 495 bricks 

The thumb rule simplifies brick estimation, providing a quick way to calculate the number of bricks per square meter for different wall types.

 List of how many bricks required for construction

 no of bricks (area/ volume ) Bricks per Unit  Bricks required for wall 4.5 inch wall Bricks required for 9inch Wall
100 Square Feet 4.5 to 5 bricks/sq ft 450 to 500 bricks 900 to 1000 bricks
500 Square Feet 4.5 to 5 bricks/sq ft 2250 to 2500 bricks 4500 to 5000 bricks
1000 Square Feet 4.5 to 5 bricks/sq ft 4500 to 5000 bricks 9000 to 10000 bricks
10 Square Meters 55 bricks/sq m 550 bricks 1100 bricks
20 Square Meters 55 bricks/sq m 1100 bricks 2200 bricks
10 Cubic Feet 13.5 bricks/cft 135 bricks 270 bricks
20 Cubic Feet 13.5 bricks/cft 270 bricks 540 bricks
2 Cubic Meters 500 bricks/m3 1000 bricks 2000 bricks
3 Cubic Meters 500 bricks/m3 1500 bricks 3000 bricks
4 Cubic Meters 500 bricks/m3 2000 bricks 4000 bricks
5 Cubic Meters 500 bricks/m3 2500 bricks 5000 bricks

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A 9″ brick wall requires twice the number of bricks compared to a 4″ wall. The thumb rule suggests 110 bricks per square meter for a 9″ wall.

55 bricks are required for 1 square meter 

Size of the brick = 9 inch×4.5 inch×3 inch

Size of the brick with mortar = 9.08 inch×4.58 inch×3.08 inch

, which is approximately 128 cubic

Volume of 1 cft = 1ftx1ft x1ft

= 12inx 12in x 12in = 1728 cubic inches

Volume of the brick with motor= L X B X H 

Now, let’s convert cubic inches to cubic feet:

no of bricks = Volume in 1 cft / volume of 1 brick with motor

no of  bricks =1

Number of bricks for 1 cft = 13.5 bricks

Total no of bricks required for 4.5 inch 

For a square feet you will be required 4.5 to 5 bricks for a 4inch wall.

For a 9 inch wall 900-1000 bricks are required to construct 100 square-feet wall

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