Marine plywood size price guide
Marine plywood size price guide

Marine Plywood Guide

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What is Marine plywood

Plywood marine is the plywood variant which is resistant to moisture and is therefore used for outdoor applications or in humid areas. The sheet is, as with plywood birch, bonded with a waterproof glue. Marine is more resistant to moisture, which makes this variant suitable for outdoor applications. But of course you can also choose the sheet because of its beautiful pink-red colour with coarse flames and the fact that it is easy to work with. Plywood is made up of various veneer layers. These layers are glued crosswise on top of each other. This results in a stable sheet. The sheets have an attractive edge that can be used for visual applications.


Marine plywood applications


Boat Building:

Marine plywood finds its primary application in constructing boats and ships, where its water-resistant properties are crucial for boat hulls, decks, bulkheads, and other structural components.

Marine and Nautical Structures:

Used in the construction and repair of marine structures like piers, docks, jetties, and marinas due to its ability to resist decay and delamination.

Outdoor Furniture:

Suitable for crafting durable outdoor furniture such as picnic tables, garden benches, and chairs, thanks to its resistance to moisture and weathering.

Garden and Landscaping:

Ideal for landscaping applications like garden beds, retaining walls, and decorative structures exposed to soil and moisture.

Exterior Cladding:

In some regions, marine plywood serves as an exterior cladding material for buildings, providing protection in areas with high humidity or heavy rainfall.

Decks and Patios:

Used for deck surfaces, patios, and outdoor walkways to ensure resilience against moisture and the elements.

Bathroom and Kitchen Cabinets:

Occasionally employed for cabinets and cupboards in bathrooms and kitchens, particularly where water resistance is a priority.


Found in transportation applications, especially in trailers and vehicles designed for carrying goods or equipment, ensuring a load-bearing surface that can withstand exposure to the elements.

Industrial Applications:

Utilized in certain industrial settings like warehouses and storage facilities where high humidity or water exposure is common.

Stage and Scenery Construction:

Employed in the construction of outdoor stages and temporary event scenery, providing durability and weather resistance.

Water Resistance:

Marine plywood is highly resistant to water and moisture, making it suitable for applications where the wood will be exposed to water or humidity. It can withstand prolonged exposure to water without delaminating, warping, or rotting.

Quality Construction:

Marine plywood is typically constructed with several layers of high-quality, durable veneers, and it uses water-resistant adhesives in its manufacturing process. This construction ensures its strength and durability.

No Core Gaps:

One distinctive feature of marine plywood is that it is manufactured without any gaps or voids in its core layers, enhancing its water resistance.

Marine and Nautical Applications:

Marine plywood is widely used in boat building and repair. It is used for boat hulls, decks, and other structural elements due to its ability to withstand the challenging conditions of marine environments.

Exterior and Outdoor Use:

Beyond marine use, marine plywood is also suitable for various outdoor applications, including outdoor furniture, garden structures, and exterior sheathing for buildings.

Higher Cost:

Marine plywood is typically more expensive than standard plywood due to its superior quality and water-resistant properties.

A-A Grade

Quality: Highest quality.

Material: Top-quality hardwood veneers with uniform color and grain pattern.

Defects: No defects, knots, or voids.

Waterproof: Yes, treated with waterproof adhesive using cross-banding.

Best For: Boat interiors, cabinets, and furniture.

Attributes: Superior water resistance, durability, stability, and appearance.

Consideration: Comes with a higher price tag.

A-B Grade

Quality: High-quality marine plywood.

Material: Hardwood veneers with uniform color and grain pattern, minor defects allowed.

Waterproof: Yes, treated with waterproof adhesive using cross-banding.

Appearance: Slight color variations and minor defects.

Attributes: Superior water resistance, durability, and stability.

Best For: Numerous marine and outdoor applications.

B-B Grade

Quality: Lower-quality marine plywood.

Material: Hardwood veneers with knots, patches, and other defects but structurally sound.

Waterproof: Yes, treated with waterproof adhesive using cross-banding.

Attributes: Good water resistance, durability, and stability.

Best For: Subflooring, decking, and structural applications where appearance is secondary.

Medium-density Overlay (MDO)

Special Feature: Resin-impregnated fiber layer on both sides for weatherproofing.

Material: Fiber layer between two layers of hardwood veneers, bonded with waterproof adhesive using cross-banding.

Surface Finish: Uniform surface finish suitable for painting or staining.

Attributes: Improved water resistance, durability, and stability.

Best For: Marine and outdoor applications.

High-density Overlay (HDO)

Special Feature: Higher resin percentage for a shinier and harder surface.

Attributes: Improved water resistance, durability, and stability compared to MDO.

Best For: Applications requiring a uniform surface finish and superior water resistance, like boat exteriors and outdoor structures.

Which is best Marine plywood

best grade of marine plywood depends on your project. A-A is ideal for a polished appearance in boat interiors and furniture. A-B suits versatile marine uses, B-B for structural strength, MDO for outdoor painting, and HDO for superior water resistance in boat exteriors and outdoor structures. Feel free to reach out for guidance.

Marine plywood size guide

Marine plywood is available in a range of thickness options, providing flexibility for various applications. The standard sheet size for marine plywood is 2400 x 1200mm

Thickness OptionsStandard Sheet Size
4.5mm2400 x 1200mm
6mm2400 x 1200mm
9.5mm2400 x 1200mm
12.5mm2400 x 1200mm
16mm2400 x 1200mm
19mm2400 x 1200mm
15mm2400 x 1200mm

Top Plywood companies In India



Century Plyboards:

Plywood Grades: MR, BWR, FR.
Products: Sainik MR, Sainik 710, Bond 710, Club Prime, Architect Ply.
Other Products: Laminate, Veneer, HDF, MDF, Particle board, WPC boards, Doors, Fibre cement boards.

Greenply Industries:

Plywood Grades: BWP, MR, Others.
Products: Platinum, Club Plus 700, Club 500, 710 Plywood, Gold Platinum, Gold, Optima-G, Eco-tech 710, Eco-tech MR, Jansathi, Blockboards.
Other Products: Laminates, Veneers, Flush Doors, WPC doors, PVC doors.

Solid Ply:

Products: Marine Grade Plywood (710), MR Grade Plywood (303), Block Board, Flexi Ply, Film-Faced Shuttering Plywood, Premium Flush Doors.


Plywood Varieties: Titanium, Derby, Pumaply, Marine, Macplatinum (710), Techply (European rotary veneer finish IS 710), Fireshield (FR grade IS 5509), Plus (both IS 710 and 303), Tower range (both IS 710 and IS 303), Macprime (BWR Grade Is 303), Ply (MR Grade), Bord (Block Board), Flex (Flexible Plywood).
Other Products: Premium veneer range, Flush Doors.

Kitply Industries:

Plywood Products: Gold (BWP grade), PF (BWR grade), Curvy (Flexible Plywood).
Blockboards: Kitboard Gold (BWP grade), Kitboard Plus (BWP grade), Swastik Gold (MR grade).
Other Products: Laminates (Kitmica), Prelaminated Particle Boards (Kitlam), WPC boards, Flush Doors.

Archid Ply Industries Ltd.:

Products: Plywood, Veneer, Flush Doors.

National Plywood Industries:

Brands: Club Plus, Platinum Club, Titanium, Pioneer, Gold Plus, Prima, Bronze, Flexiply, Filmfaced Shuttering Plywood.
Other Products: Laminates, Flush Doors, Cement fiberboard, Cement fiber planks, LG HI-MACS acrylic solid surfaces.

Austin Plywood:

Products: BWP Plywood with anti-germ coating.

Sylvan Plywood:

Products: Plywood and Blockboard.

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