Waterproof Plywood

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Mayur stands out as a renowned choice in the plywood industry among builders and interior designers. Mayur plywood is crafted from timber sourced from farmlands, prioritizing ecological balance and a healthier environment. Explore a diverse range, including commercial, marine, shuttered, and resistant plywood. Additionally, at Hyderabad Builders, we offer premium decorative laminates at affordable prices. Check plywood costs online in Hyderabad for a reliable and efficient purchase experience. Check for waterproof plywood in Hyderabad. We deal with various brands of plywood, blockboard, and laminates at the best price. Get high-quality plywood.



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Here are some of the other brands waterproof plywood price list

Thickness (mm)TypePrice (INR per sq. feet)DimensionPrice of Sheet (INR)
4Boiling Waterproof34.348x41100
6Boiling Waterproof46.068x41465
9Boiling Waterproof60.18x41920
12Boiling Waterproof75.068x42400
16Boiling Waterproof92.238x42950
19Boiling Waterproof109.038x43490
25Boiling Waterproof158.658x45050

Green-ply waterproof plywood

Thickness (mm)TypePrice (INR per sq. feet)DimensionPrice of Sheet (INR)
4Boiling Waterproof38.288x41225
6Boiling Waterproof45.488x41455
9Boiling Waterproof54.028x41729
12Boiling Waterproof67.628x42164
16Boiling Waterproof84.958x42718
19Boiling Waterproof96.818x43098
25Boiling Waterproof147.118x44708


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