RMC M10 Grade

allTaxesinclusive 5,500.00 per Cu.mtr

Best Ready mix concrete in Hyderabad with best price. we provide RMC M10 Grade concrete for construction from different brands. We also provide Rmc M7.5, Rmc M15, Rmc M20,cRmc M25 concrete grades on pre orders.

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Description: RMC M10 Grade Concrete Ratio Looking for reliable Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) in Hyderabad?

Our Ready mix concrete M10 Grade Concrete Ratio is your hassle-free solution for strong, consistent concrete at your fingertips.

Ready Mix concrete M10 Key Benefits:

  • Quality Assurance: Our Ready Mix concrete M10 Grade ensures high-quality, durable concrete for your construction needs.
  • Consistency: Get a uniform mix every time without the uncertainties of on-site mixing.
  • Time and Cost Savings: using RMC for construction will save time and money.
  • Easy Online Booking: Conveniently book your RMC online, anytime, anywhere in Hyderabad.
  • Reliable Delivery: Count on us for on-time delivery to meet your construction schedule.
  • Expert Support: Our team offers technical guidance and support to ensure your project’s success


  • Strength: M10 Grade (10 MPa)

  • Aggregate Size: As per industry standards

  • Cement Type: High-quality Portland Cement

  • Water-Cement Ratio: Balanced for strength

  • Admixtures: Optional, as needed

That been said our RMC M10 Grade Concrete Ratio, you can build your construction confidently. Be it residential, commercial, or infrastructure projects in Hyderabad. Enjoy the convenience of RMC online, Fast delivery, and the assurance of a trusted supplier.

Q1: What is RMC M10 Grade Concrete?
A1: RMC M10 Grade Concrete is ready-to-use concrete that’s strong and reliable, meeting a strength requirement of 10 MPa (Megapascals). It’s an easy solution for construction projects.
Q2: Why choose RMC M10 Grade Concrete?
A2: It provides high-quality, durable concrete, saving you time and costs compared to on-site mixing. It’s hassle-free and ensures consistent results in construction.
Q3: How do I order ready mix concrete online?
A3: Visit our website, choose the quantity you need, specify delivery details, and check out. It’s a quick and convenient process designed for easy transactions.

Q4: What’s the water-cement ratio in RMC M10 Grade?
A4: The water-cement ratio is balanced for strength and durability, meeting industry standards for optimal performance.
Q5: Can I use RMC M10 Grade for residential projects?
A5: Yes! It’s suitable for various projects, including residential, commercial, and infrastructure. Its versatility makes it a great choice for different construction needs.
Q6: Are admixtures included?
A6: Admixtures are optional and can be added based on specific project requirements. Our team can guide you on whether they’re needed for your project.
Q7: How fast is the delivery?
A7: We prioritize on-time delivery. Once you order online, we ensure prompt delivery to meet your project schedule.
Q8: Is technical support available for ready mix concrete?
A8: Absolutely! Our team provides expert guidance and support for any technical questions or assistance you may need. You can also contact manufacturers for any technical-related questions.
Q9: Can I use RMC M10 Grade for large projects?
A9: Yes, it’s suitable for various projects, including large-scale infrastructure. Its reliable strength makes it a trusted choice for different construction applications.
Q10: How can I contact you for inquiries?
A10: For any questions, contact us at info@hyderabadbuilders.in, and our team will assist you.


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