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all taxes inclusive Original price was: ₹800.00.Current price is: ₹720.00. Per Ton

Hyderabad builders offers 20mm aggregate price low cost ( crushed stone) in Hyderabad. along with aggregate price per ton, we also offer 6mm aggregates, 12mm aggregates, and 40mm aggregates, Density: 1560 kg/m³

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What is 20mm aggregate ?

A 20 mm aggregate size comes under coarse aggregate family and is widely used in various construction applications throughout the construction industry for its versatility. Here’s a more detailed look at its characteristics and uses:

Characteristics of 20 mm Aggregate

20 mm aggregate is made up of stones or rocks measuring about 20 millimeters in diameter, as its name implies. This size belongs to the rough aggregate class.

Shape and Texture: According to the type and crushing method of source, shape may be either angular or round. Since crushing can better ensure that angular aggregates have good interlocking property, they are more common.

Strength: The 20 mm aggregate is famous for its load-bearing strength and high bearing capacity. It’s used mainly in applications that require a concrete of medium or higher hardness, such as high-strength concrete or structural concretes.

What Density of 20mm aggregate? Why is it important?

Density of 20 mm aggregate is 1560 kg/m-1630 kg/m

20 mm aggregate density in more important because it is directly responsible for the quality and strength of mortar or construction materials used in building works. The quantity of 20mm aggregate affects the total density blend of concrete mix, and this affects durability, qualities associated with its workability as well as load bearing capacity. The concrete will be strong and durable if it is at an appropriate density, which will ensure that the structure meets required specifications and performance criteria for different construction applications. Additionally, an appropriate aggregate density can assist in reduction of cement and water needed for the mixture, which leads to cost savings as well as environmental benefits 

What is the cuft of 20 mm aggregate 

 1 cuft = 3.28*3.28*3.28 =35.28m =1/35.28

weight = Density * volume 

 we know density ranges form 1560- 1630  = 1630*0.28 =45.28kg

so 1cu ft of 20 mm aggregate is 45.28 kg  

Where does 20mm Aggregate is Used?

  1. Concrete Production: 20mm aggregate is a key component in concrete mix. It provides strength and structural integrity to concrete, making it suitable for use in foundations, beams, columns, and slabs.

  2. Road Construction: Due to its strength and durability, 20mm aggregate is used in the sub-base layers of road construction. It provides a stable foundation for the road surface and improves load distribution.

  3. Drainage Applications: Its size and properties make it suitable for drainage projects, such as in the construction of French drains or as a base layer for drainage in retaining walls.

  4. Landscaping and Decorative Uses: 20mm aggregate is also used in landscaping for creating pathways, driveways, and in garden beds as a decorative element.

  5. Railway Ballast: It’s used as ballast for railway tracks, where it acts as a bed to lay the tracks on, providing stability and aiding in drainage.

  6. Building Construction: In building construction, it’s used in the production of structural concrete elements and other construction building materials.

  7. Erosion Control: On embankments and similar structures, 20mm aggregate helps control erosion by stabilizing the soil.

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The price varies based on location and supplier, but it generally 20 mm aggregate ranges from 700 – 800 INR. Prices may fluctuate due to factors like availability and transportation costs.

20 mm aggregate is 1560 kg/m-1630 kg/m

In Hyderabad, 20mm aggregate price  per ton  is Rs 700 – Rs 800

20mm aggregate is known for its strength and stability, making it ideal for use in concrete mixes, road construction, and as a base material for driveways and pathways.

Yes, aggregates can be purchased online at , we Hyderabad builders offering convenience, competitive pricing,


The density of 20mm aggregate typically ranges from 1560-1630 kg/m³

To calculate the amount needed, determine the volume of the area to be covered and multiply it by the density of the aggregate

20mm aggregate provides better strength and durability to concrete, making it suitable for structures requiring high load-bearing capacity.

Yes, there are multiple eco friendly options  recycled concrete aggregate are more sustainable and environmentally friendly, reducing the need for mining new materials

The cost varies; 20mm is typically more affordable than finer aggregates like 10mm due to its common availability, while 40mm is little expensive an is used in larger projects .

Consider the type of construction, load-bearing requirements, and the specific application (e.g., concrete, drainage, decoration). The local climate and environmental conditions are also important factors

As railway ballast, it provides a stable bed for the tracks and aids in proper drainage, maintaining track stability.


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