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Quality 18mm plywood 8×4 ft per piece, which is ideal for project upgrades. Unparalleled prices in Hyderabad Serving Hyderabad, Telangana with best brands of 18-mm plywood and much more We are providing the greatest value for our extensive plywood price list. For superior strength and long service. along with 18mm plywood 8×4 sheet  we also provide 12mm 8X4 plywood sheets in marine plywood and  Gurjan plywood Also, check out our competitive 8×4 prices. For Hyderabad customers, check out our special offers for quality 18mm plywood. Upgrade your carpentry skills using our premium plywood choice.



Advantages of 18mm plywood 8×4

High Bending Strength:

18mm plywood 8×4 has excellent flexural strength, making it very suitable for many uses.

Strong Nail Holding:

Plywood’s strong makeup allows it to hold nails well when installing.
Moisture-Proof and Easy Work:

It is resistant to water hence it becomes easier during the construction period.
Tight construction and high strength:

Tight construction in plywood ensures that it performs well with a high level of reliability.
No Rotten or Decay:

The durability of the plywood arises from its makeup meaning it will not easily get rotten or decayed, thus making it suitable for long-term usage.
Low Formaldehyde Emission:

The product has low formaldehyde emissions and contributes towards a healthy environment.
Usage Beyond 18mm Thickness:

Additionally, plywood that is above 18mm thick should last at least 20 times, proving its longevity.
Whole Core Inside Each Veneer:

Every veneer has a complete core, increasing the strength of the plywood.
Total Gluing of Each Veneer:

Every inch of each veneer is completely glued and it is highly reliable.
Boiled for 10 Hours Without Cracking:

The boiling of plywood lasts for ten hours, highlighting its resistance to cracking and stability.
Twice-Hot Press for Strong Joining Capacity:

Two hot presses help to achieve this effect and promote bonding between the material.
Cold Press for Additional Joining Strength:

The plywood is subjected to a second cold pressing so as to increase its bonding properties.
100% Dry:

There is also no danger that it will start warping, as there is 100% guarantee for fully dried plywood.
Additional Glue Making Factory:

This goes beyond being assured of quality control and continuous supply because another glue-making firm is nearby and there is always a possibility that it will supply raw materials for this firm on emergency cases.

some of the most frequently asked questions

What are  Preparation of 18mm Plywood Ingredients?

“18mm plywood is crafted through the meticulous process of veneer mountain peeling, semi-circular peeling, and slicing or sawing, resulting in the production of high-quality wood flakes.”

Distinguishing 18mm Plywood from Multilayer Boards:

“Unlike commonly used plywood and other multi-layer boards, 18mm plywood is a standout choice. Its unique composition enhances wood utilization significantly, offering an effective and sustainable solution for saving wood.”

Hard Fiber Board and Its Relation to Density Board:

“Hard fiber board shares similarities with density board, emphasizing a consistent texture direction. When manufacturing plywood, adjacent two-layer veneers ensure uniform grain direction and adherence to the same tree type for optimal quality.”

Commonly Used 18mm Plywood in Various Applications:

“18mm plywood, available in standard 8×4 dimensions, finds versatile applications in construction, furniture, pallets, and more. Its cost-effectiveness is attributed to the utilization of wood fiber, making it a preferred choice in the market.”

Utilization Tips for Plywood in Decoration Works:

“When incorporating plywood in decoration works, consider commonly used types such as plywood and penta. These choices not only enhance timber utilization but also serve as a key method for conserving wood in various construction and design projects.”

Defects in 18mm Plywood Material:

“During the shipping process, occasional holes may appear in 18mm plywood due to hooks and tools used for handling by workers. Proper care is essential to minimize such defects and ensure the integrity of the material.”

18mm plywood Price per Sq ft: The price of 18mm waterproof plywood per square foot typically ranges from Rs 55 to Rs 80. This price range may vary depending on factors such as brand, quality, and market demand. It’s essential to consider both the budget and the specific requirements of the project when purchasing plywood.

Weight of 8×4 18mm Plywood: An 8×4 sheet of 18mm plywood weighs approximately 40 kg. This weight is crucial to consider, especially for transportation and handling purposes. Knowing the weight beforehand helps in planning logistics and ensuring the safety of workers involved in handling the plywood sheets.

Dimensions of 18mm Plywood: 18mm plywood is commonly available in various dimensions, with standard sizes including 2.5×6 feet and 3×7 feet. These dimensions offer flexibility for different project requirements, allowing for customization while minimizing wastage. The choice of size should align with the specific dimensions needed for the project at hand.

what is the hsn code of 18mm plywood : 44123190 is the hsn code of 18mm plywood

What is the Market Outlook for Plywood in India?

“According to market research, the India plywood market has witnessed substantial growth, reaching INR 208.5 Billion in FY 2022-23 according to imarc Group. This positive trend reflects the demand and opportunities for 18mm plywood in various industries.”

Categorization of Ordinary 18mm Plywood:

“Ordinary 18mm plywood falls into four main categories, using wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw materials, pressed into a density ranging from 0.50 to 0.88g/cm3, catering to diverse needs in construction and manufacturing.”

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