TMT Fe-500 Grade – 10mm

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Fe-500 Grade indicates the minimum yield strength of the steel, which is 500 megapascals (MPa). This grade is suitable for construction projects that require high strength and durability, making it a popular choice for various structural applications.

  • 1 bundle has 7 rods of 10mm tmt bars and weighs 49 to 50 kg.
  • 1 ton has 20 bundles i.e 7 rods x 20 bundles = 140 rods (approx.). 980-1000 kg

we also provide 8mm 10mm 12mm 16mm 20mm 25mm 32 mm 45mm

10mm Steel Bar: Approximately 0.617 kg per Meter

Stepping up in size, an 10mm steel bar weighs approximately 0.395 kg per meter (kg/m). It provides increased strength and is suitable for various construction applications, including residential and light commercial projects.




10mm tmt bars fe 500 grade 

  1. Strength and Flexibility:

    • 10mm TMT bars offer a unique combination of high tensile strength and flexibility.
    • Despite their slender profile, they act as load-bearing bars in structures, suitable for applications such as stairways and slabs.
  2. Architectural Freedom:

    • These bars provide architectural freedom, allowing architects to be imaginative in their designs.
    • The flexibility of 10mm TMT bars enables creative and innovative architectural solutions, accommodating various styles from modern to traditional.
  3. In Constructions Structures:

    • Primarily used in interiors, 10mm TMT bars are useful for sculpting different parts of both interior and exterior structures.
    • They can be employed to create arches, meandering staircases, and integrate curved-shaped elements.
    •  Mostly 10mm bars are used for stair ups and slabs in construction
  4. Super Strength:

    • Despite their flexibility, 10mm TMT bars offer unyielding strength crucial for structural integrity.
    • Manufactured with German Thermex Technology, these bars have a robust core capable of withstanding immense loads and stress.
    • With a weight of around kg per rod, they contribute to the stability of buildings, making them suitable for regions prone to seismic activities.
  5. Resistance to Natural Calamities:

    • The bars are designed to absorb and dissipate energy, offering superior resistance to natural calamities and unfortunate events.
    • This makes them a suitable choice for areas susceptible to seismic activities.

10mm TMT Bar Price in Hyderabad, India

In Hyderabad from 56000- 75000 depends on the brand

10mm Tmt Bar Measurements In India

10mm Steel Bar: Approximately 0.62 kg per Meter

The 10mm steel bar is a common choice, with an approximate weight of 0.62 kg per meter (kg/m). It offers versatility and strength, making it suitable for a wide range of construction and reinforcement needs.

10mm Steel Rod Weight per Bundle: Approximately 53 kg

When it comes to 10 mm steel rods, a bundle means 10 separate bars adding up to about 53 kg in weight. Weight estimation according to D^2L/162 formula for a 10m of diameter. Rod Weight per Bundle for Various Diameters: 0.5 inches, 0.8 inches, 0.9 inches, 1.0 inches, 1.6 inches, and 1.7 inches

10mm Steel Rod Weight per Piece: Approximately 7.4 kg

For example, a whole ten millimeter thick steel rod would be about 7.4 kilograms. Using the formula D^2L/ 162 = (10×10×12) ÷ 162 = 7.404 kgs per piece in kgs.

Description Weight (kg)
10mm Steel Bar (per meter) 0.62 kg/m
10mm tmt bar weight (per bundle) Approximately 53 kg (10 rods)
10mm tmt bar (per piece) Approximately 7.4 kg
10mmPrice per kg Rs 60/kg
Price per ton Rs 60,000/ton

TMT Bar Grade:

Understanding Strength and Ductility
When building on construction projects, the TMT bar grade becomes a major consideration alongside the diameter. This grade choice is fundamental in determining the ductility and strength of the TMT bar.
Whether opting for an 10mm TMT bar or a robust 32mm variant, Hyderabad Builders engineering facility prioritizes optimal yield strength, ultimate tensile strength (UTS), and elongation mechanical properties, ensuring longevity and resilience.

Engineering Excellence for Enduring Properties

we keep track of our manufacturer process intricately shapes the strength of a TMT bar. Various processes such as quenching, rolling, twisting, heat treatment, and controlled cooling at distinct stages play a defining role. Our commitment to quality is reflected in a meticulous manufacturing process of our manufacturer, our manufacturers integrate technological advancements.
Rigorous quality checks are conducted to align with both national and international standards, guaranteeing a TMT bar that excels in earthquake resistance, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance.
In essence, our TMT bars stand as a testament to engineering precision, where each grade is a symbol of enduring strength, ensuring structural integrity that withstands the tests of time and diverse environmental challenges.

List of reputed tmt steel brands

  1. Jindal Panther
  2. JSW Neo Steel
  3. Kamdhenu Nxt
  4. Rathi Shaktiman
  5. SAIL
  6. Shyam
  8. SRMB
  9. TATA Tiscon
  10. VIZAG
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10mm tmt bar price in Hyderabad

Why Hyderabad builders for 10 Tmt steel bars and construction needs

Hyderabad builders are wholesale supplier for 10mm TMT Steel bars, MS/GI steel pipes & tubes in Telnagana. Here are some of the states where we supply our pipes: , Hyderabad Telangana and Andhra Pradesh we alos extend our services to Adilabad, Bhadradri Kothagudem, Hanumakonda, Hyderabad, Jagtial, Jangoan, Jayashankar Bhupalpally, Jogulamba Gadwal, Kamareddy, Karimnagar, Khammam, Komaram Bheem Asifabad, Mahabubabad, Mahabubnagar, Mancherial, Medak, Medchal-Malkajgiri . We offer a wide range of pipes in various sizes, shapes, and grades that conform to IS standards. Our steel products are used in a variety of applications, including construction, infrastructure, and manufacturing.

If you are looking for trusted wholesale 10mm TMT Steel bars with MS/GI steel pipes supplier please contact Hyderabad builders today. We would be happy to help you find the right pipes for your needs.

Conditions of Hyderabad Builder tmt bars:

1) 10mm tmt bars Prices will vary on the daily

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